Sunholo Multivac

Sunholo Multivac is an Application Platform for GenAI.  It is built upon Vertex AI within the Google Cloud Platform.

Sunholo Multivac is a solution if you are looking to accelerate your own GenAI ideas into production, via the new field of GenAIOps, the evolution of DevOps and MLOps.

You can choose to deploy the infrastructure within your own self-hosted GCP environment via the terraform modules.  Alternatively,deploy to the SaaS solution behind an authenticated login.

  • Control your IP - have control over your own data in a secure VPC
  • Choice - utilise Vertex Model Garden or API to utilise the best GenAI model for your use cases
  • Grounded in facts - use techniques such as RAG to ensure results are free from hallucinations and based on your own documents
  • Easy to get started - deploy your own VAC and be up and running within hours.  Or use the IaC option to deploy services to your own cloud within the day.
  • Security at scale - follows Google best practice for authentication, security and compliance
  • Tired authentication - allow distinct access to different people and departments within your company

Sunholo Multivac takes the best qualities of GenAI, OpenSource and Google Cloud Platform.

  • Innovate with GenAI applications within the open-source community. Multivac offers pre-created integrations with popular GenAI frameworks such as Langchain and LlamaIndex.
  • Deploy to production your GenAI application within a secure, scalable cloud environment.
  • Multivac offers a way to experiment with the new exciting possibilities of GenAI without committing to expensive solutions

To know more, try it out yourself by chatting with Multivac at